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ASSESSMENT – Project Inception

We excel at getting projects off the ground. The first step is a viability check – taking your property information and determining what is possible. You might have anything from remote site off-grid with a helicopter drop to a bylaw-heavy city build in Whistler or North Vancouver. The key at this stage is getting the most for what you have to work with. Once we have determined the parameters of your project we enter the design phase.


We offer full scope in-house design services, working with anything from a sketch on a napkin to a finished plan. Browse our lineup to find the layout, style and size you like then work with our design team to forge your vision – or simply bring in your rough drawing. Over the years our projects have become quite diverse – anything from 700 sq.ft. island cabins to 4000 sq.ft. mansions in the city. We work your plan into a 3D design program to provide an excellent visual aid, giving you a very tangible feel to the layout. Alternately, we can work directly with your chosen architect, designer or stock plan. Our business focus is producing packages – not merely designing and engineering. By bringing in a completed design, you have saved everyone work! We love it when that happens. Nevertheless, some clients need design work. In that case, we purposely offer very affordable and professional design services. First we create a workable floor plan and footprint. Then we model it in 3D to show every nuance and tone. Once we more or less know what you want to build, we count every stick, nail, and doorknob, from framing through to lock-up, and give you a detailed purchase price.
Then, our inhouse interior design team takes over and helps to create the vision of your floor plan, layouts, lighting and elevations plans. Choosing tiles, cabinetry, kitchen and bathroom details can be a difficult task. Our interior design team working together with you and our construction services department help to create your dream interior with a budget in mind all throughout. CLICK HERE to Watch our Design Video.


Let’s make a deal! With your design finalized, we ask our in-house engineer to add the structural values, from the foundation up. As the property owner, You will have to coordinate between your local municipality on building requirements and our engineer. The engineered plans are submitted for approval to the local municipality. By preparing and working with professionals, approval should take a few weeks. Some districts are prohibitive so it is wise to be armed with information and professionals. We can help on both counts.
Now that we have a contract and schedule, manufacturing begins. Third party vendor items like windows and doors are ordered; shop drawings are used to build you wall panels and other pre-built components. We’re usually ready to deliver the entire package in 6 weeks from order. In a rush scenario, we will sequence the wall panels first, two weeks from order, and include the first floor materials. With literally thousands of pieces that go into a house; we itemize and quality control each one, sort them according to job sequence, package them in all-weather crates / skids / lifts, book transport, load the home package, and ship it with comprehensive documentation. In many cases, we will build the entire package and dry-store it free of charge in our works yard, ready to deliver at the drop of a hat. Clients take advantage of our winter booking incentives, prefabricate in winter, and get a jump on their project in spring. CLICK HERE to watch our video on Manufacturing and Prefabrication from our shop.


At AJIA, we are remote-site specialists but your project could be anywhere from a few blocks away to a gulf island with no road; you could have acres to store the package bundles or no space at all – your deliveries all have to be just-in-time. In any event, we have the experience and expertise to insure you reap all of the logistical benefits of pre-fab, getting your package to site in the most cost-effective manner possible. This could mean two big highway trucks; several single axle flatbeds; a barge towed across the channel; or a barge with helicopter drop. We arrange all of your logistical needs with no mark-up. You are responsible for all on-site off-loading. Ideally, having a tele-handler on-site for several weeks is the best option.

Once we’ve fabricated your home package and assembled all the materials it’s time to ship!
We coordinate with you and your installation contractor to sequence the delivery to suit your needs. In arriving at a transportation plan we consider a varety of issues: the distance to the site, the site’s accessibility, the site’s laydown area, off-loading crew and equipment requirements,etc. The goal is to keep the transportation costs low and minimize any disruptions to the installation process.
We try to arrange our load plans so that the material that will be needed first doesn’t end up stuck at the bottom of the pile when it’s off-loaded at site.  Click here to watch our video and learn more about delivery and logistics.


All of our homes require ground transportation. Besides the haul distance, we have to consider the site access: is there a limit on the size of truck that can be used to handle the ‘last mile’? Is it economical to off-load from highway trailers to a smaller truck and shuttle the load the ‘last mile’? What unloading and lifting capacity will we have on site? Should we use a a truck with a crane / HIAB?



Some remote sites are not serviced by ferries and require the use of barges. Many of these locations are unable to handle highway trailers, so some combination of smaller trucks and trailers may be necessary to move the package.

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And Sometimes Air…

Occasionally, something different is in order. On a recent job we heli-lifted the home package from a barge to the site. The shoreline didn’t offer any form of laydown area, and the site was at the top of a fairly steep embankment. The cost of using a large barge-mounted crane was prohibitive, and the cost of mooring a barge and manually offloading and hauling the material up to the site was prohibitive. The most economical (and the fastest) way was to use a helicopter to lift the material from a barge to the site.

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AJIA pre-fab packages include detailed 3D framing assembly instructions panel key, joist and rafter layout, and beam, hardware, window and door schedules. We also include a manifest with crate/bundle numbers and content details for each. Panels are bundled according to build-sequence so you don’t have dig into multiple bundles simultaneously to find the next panel you need.

An AJIA rep is standing by at any hour to help you with any site challenges that arise. We work closely with your site trades on delivery coordination and product support. Experience and organization means your project will run smoothly. Immaculate packing information, sequenced delivery and weather resistant packaging – site friendly & efficiency conducive. CLICK HERE to watch our video on Site Crews.

At AJIA we believe our relationship with you begins when we supply your home. In offering a full warranty, we have taken great care in ensuring our product meets or exceeds industry standards, from the components we manufacture, through to the windows and doors, the quality of wood, and the finishes. We use proven manufacturers and hold them to their warranty on your behalf. For components we manufacture, we guarantee our product in accordance with your municipal requirements and builder’s warranty. You can rest assured that by buying a complete AJIA package you only have to speak to one company about any issues with any product in your home.