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Design Process

One of the great joys of building a custom prefab home is that you can have it suit your individual needs and lifestyle.  Design is the single most important component of the prefab process, and in most cases is the vital step in generating a cost and budget for your home.  The most commonly asked question is “How much is it per square foot for one of your homes?”  The answer is always the same, “depends”.  As no one custom house is the same and when ordering from a factory, the choices for materials and customization vary from customer to customer.


The design process is a joint effort between you the customer, and our team. First we listen to your design aspirations, lifestyle requirements, budget expectations, and family situation. Then we will endeavour to incorporate your priorities into a house design.

DesignProcess1Our design process starts with your choice: pick a plan from our stock plans, or bring us your plan or plan ideas. Let us hear about your dream! We can customize our plans to fit your lot and lifestyle. We include 10 hours free design time for every customer who purchases a home. Once your basic footprint is decided, we are ready to start your project!





DesignProcess2We examine the exterior design features and details, decide on colors & materials of siding, roofing, fascia, windows, etc. Be creative! Many more options are available from our large selection of Canadaian materials. Once the plans, materials & colors are finalized, we structurally engineer the plans and begin ordering your materials. At AJIA, we provide permit-ready engineered plans as part of your home package.




DesignProcess3Panel drawings are drawn in specialized software designed for prefab 2″x6″ wood platform construction. Wall panels and pre-cut rafters are coded and labelled for easy assembly.Based on the drawings, panels are precision-built using only dry, high-quality lumber, by qualified carpenters in our own production facility.






The design program also gives you step-by-step setup instructions. If you are an owner-builder, you will like what this software can show you. The power of this design program is to simulate your home project from scratch to the set-up stage for the maximum efficiency – that benefits both you, us, and the environment.





Vectorworks – 3D Design Experience

Watch our video on how designing your home with AJIA is interactive and in full 3D.  Customers get to experience what it’s like to walk through the house, see the various rooms and where light shines through you windows at different times of the day.  Designing an AJIA home in the virtual world allows customers to have confidence that the design choices they are making are based on real life.