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Design Templates


The Heywood Design is ideal for a westcoast residential home. The open concept design boasts 2,771 […]


The Blackburn design features a one level, 2,000 sqft modern open concept home.  The high […]

Spring Creek

The Spring Creek design boasts 4,121 sqft, 3 level home with 2 car garage, 3 […]

Cowan Point

The Cowan Point home is a large rancher design with functional floor planning and holds 1 bedroom, and one master suite bedroom. Main floor: 2,337sq.ft.


Is a popular contemporary design, accenting a west coast feeling in a modern approach with two bedrooms, and a large luxurious deck.


Similar to our Qualicum design, the Mariner is a custom home with a spacious deck to experience spectacular views on properties that have waterfronts, and mountain views. The Mariner has a functional open floor plan with 3 bedrooms, and 1 master bedroom.


Our Islander design is perfect for the family get-away. With its rap around deck, one simple floor plan and modern vaulted timber frame roof, this design is perfect for a family lifestyle. The floor plan is based on 2 bedrooms and one master bedroom.


Our traditional rancher style cabin is a family orientated floor plan with an optional eclipse wall, giving the home an appeal of opening the living space to the outside. Having 2 bedrooms and 1master bedroom, this package also comes with a large open loft space.


Is a very popular traditional mountain design because it is adaptable to all regions. The alpine package has 3 bedrooms and a spacious deck wrapping around front and side of the home.