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1. How does this work?

We are a one-stop housing solution specializing in recreational house package design, supply, shipment and set-up of your vacation home. The basic steps are:
(1) Design & Consultation,
(2) Contract,
(3) Engineering & revisions,
(4) Permit,
(5) Manufacturing & site prep,
(6) Delivery,
(7) Set-up.
Allow 8 weeks or more from contract, pending design, engineering, & permit times.

2. What do I need to do?

Have property and an idea. Work towards a basic design and construction schedule. We can help you right from the beginning or just when we are needed.

3. Do you have financing?

Not currently. However,we are able to work closely with your financial institution on a draw basis.

4. I want my own floor plan – can you do it?

Yes. Actually, all of our packages are modified in some way from existing floor plans in some way – our design team will work with you to get what you want.

5. If I have plans can I start building right away?

Not usually. You typically will have to engineer your plans for the specific municipality you are building. Once the engineer has made his recommendations, we will modify the plan and you can take it to your local building department to apply for permit.

6. Do you charge for design consultation?

No. A viability assessment is a normal part of any project process. We can hardly expect to charge for design services if it turns out you can’t build.

7. Do you design for free?

No. You will need formal drawings to get your building permit. Our package price includes 10 hours of free design. A complete custom home drawn from scratch typically takes 40 hours of design time or more.

8. Do the plans include everything I need to build?

Yes, we include Site and Foundation plans as part of our permit submittal package, but we do not include electrical, mechanical and plumbing layouts.

9. Why prefab?

Pre-fabrication reduces site labor and set-up time. This advantage is magnified when the building site is remote, hard to access or if you don’t have builder contacts. Producing under dry factory conditions also insures uniformity, quality control and building code compliance. If you are borrowing money, you will receive faster draws. Prefabrication also reduces threat of material theft.

10. Why a package home?

Ease and simplicity. Our packages utilize proven materials set up by experienced professionals. One price for all you need – no figuring, no missing materials, no worries. Very useful for when you can?t just drive to the nearest store for something you forgot.

11. What is a “lock-up”?

Lock-up literally means you can lock the front door and seal the house from the outside. Your house is weather-proof: the roof is finished and the windows & exterior doors are installed. We call our package “Lock-up Plus” or “Finished Lock-up” because it includes pre-finished exterior materials to make your house finished from the outside. Most labor contracts treat the pre-finished exterior package as separate from “Lock-up” but we encourage the trades we introduce to our clients to include installation of all AJIA’s package materials in their quotes.

12. Can you provide “lock-up” labor as part of the package?

No, not as part of our package. However, many of our clients require labor so we have taken great care to cultivate qualified and proven labor for our future and past clients. We want to focus our business on providing an excellent prefabricated package – not becoming distracted with side businesses like design-only, labor or logistics. That being said, our recommended labor or logistics reflects as much on AJIA as our core product so we are very selective.

13. What do I need to do after lock-up?

Finish the outside. Your material package includes pre-finished siding, trims, fascia, soffit and decking material. Finish the inside. Your package DOES NOT INCLUDE plumbing, electrical, insulation, vapour barrier, drywall/panelling, flooring, cabinets, counters, sinks, lighting, fixtures, and surface finishes. You will receive a building guide that can be used as a check list.

14. Can you finish my house so that it’s ready to move in?

No – we currently do not offer that service.

15. Can I choose my own materials?

Yes, please see our “additional options” section in our “what’s included”.

16. What’s in the package?

Please see our “what’s included” section.

17. This is a prefabricated package. Can I build this by myself?

An experienced “weekend warrior” could assemble a smaller package quite easily. But for larger homes, we recommend having an experienced carpenter on hand.

18. Is shipping or trucking included in the price?

For export customers, shipping is included to the nearest base port or to your door, depending on the location. For Canadian clients, our service includes arranging the best and most economical method of transport – but we do not charge for it. Clients are billed directly by the carrier.

19. How many trucks does it take?

One 48′ semi-trailer for small packages. Two or three for larger packages.

20. How many containers does it take?

Containers hold about 1/3 less material than a 48′ flat-bed, so count on 2 or 3 containers per house.

21. How does payment work?

For Canadian customers, we require an initial deposit, a second payment to set production and delivery, and a final payment of the balance before delivery. In special circumstances, we will negotiate with you and your lending institution for a draw arrangement. For export customers, there are methods to insure both payment and shipment are guaranteed. Please inquire.