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Advantages of Prefab

What are prefab’s advantages?

Skilled trade shortage, CAD technology evolution, production innovation – the merits of prefabrication are greater than ever.
All of our homes are drawn with CAD software. We utilize powerful 3D software designed specifically for prefabricated 2×4 / 2×6 wood platform construction.

1. Save on Time

Prefabricated homes build faster because a large portion of the labor is completed in the factory. Site requirements are a crane and capable crew – framing construction can be done in a few days compared to a few weeks for traditional stick framing.

2. Save on Materials

Material cost is reduced by volume material buying by the manufacturer; projects are designed in powerful new software that produces exact material take-offs. Waste and overages are negligible.

3. Reduce Errors

Counts, cuts, dimensions and angles are computer-generated, saving time and eliminating onsite fabrication errors. Quality control is assured.

4. Easy Planning

Greatly reduces the effects of poor weather, labor shortage and design limitations. We design it and build it – you assemble it.

5. Easy Construction

Panels and pre-cuts are automatically coded and labeled in production drawings. Sections and components go together like “ABC” reducing skilled labor quotient.

6. Reduce theft of materials

Your wall panels are built exclusively for your home – they are of no use to anyone else. Prefabricated panels have less chance to disappear from your job site.

7. Faster Building Draws

Faster construction time means faster building draws for construction loans.

8. Less Materials Waste & Disposal

Prefabrication is the way to minimize waste and disposal on site. It saves your time, labor and environment.